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He that has fallen fighting for freedom
Chooses not death – to that hero belong
The tears of the sky and of earth and her children
And of the voice of the maker of song.

Hristo Botev, “Hadji Dimitar”

135 years have passed since the April Uprising in 1876 resulting in Bulgarian national liberation two years later. At the beginning of 20th century the poet Ivan Vazov writes Epic for the forgotten ones in order to immortalize the heroes who have dared to sacrifice their lives – who have shown to the world that Bulgarian people are still alive and have the right to be free.
At the beginning of 21th century, in the whirl of modern life, those epic battles, heroes, saints, mortars and strivings in our history are completely forgotten once more…
In this connection, Neshka Robeva, the dancers of “National Art”, together with the actress Juni Aleksandrova create the play Forgotten. Incorporating the music of Hesychia and the verses of the pillars of Bulgarian poetry – Ivan Vazov and Hristo Botev – they represent the stormy events before 135 years. That way they remind to the contemporaries that Bulgarians should be proud of their history and the sacrifice of fighters for freedom hasn’t been futile.