The Party

The play is dedicated to 10th anniversary of the “National Art” Dance Formation. It consists of two parts. In the first the dancers present the key performances of Twin Kigdom, Destiny, Are you ready?!!, Aramii, Refugees and Vidritsa. In the intermission a short film by the director Galya Kraleva relates a story of the troupe through interviews with the dancers.
In the second part the heroes of the anniversary get together to the party where they unleash their imagination. The spectator could see how they mock the extremities of pop-folk culture that usually prevails on every Bulgarian party after the second glass; and how they interpret the genuine folk dance on almost every possible (and impossible) way.
On its 10th anniversary the troupe continues to live up to its goals: to popularize the Bulgarian and Balkan folk music and dance; to arouse the interest of younger generation to the creative traditional arts.

Choreography: Neshka Robeva

with the support of Adelina Bojichkova, Aneta Avakyan, Boryana Gineva, Valemtin Ivanov, Vladimir Kostadinov, Georgi Shterev, Dimitar Stankev, Iva Spasova, Iva Tepeshanova, Iliana Dinekova, Ioana Dinekova, Katya Nilolova, Mario Atanasov, Milyan Iliev, Petar Milev, Plamen Petkov, Polina Stefanova, Silviya Mladenova, Galina Marinova, Gergina Ivanova, Daniela Georgieva, Dimitar Randjev, Eva Tsoneva, Ivaylo Stoychev, Miroslava Georgieva, Monika Velichkova, Radoslav Todorov
Music: Hesychia, Georgi Andreev, Transformation, GM Band, Yaldaz Ibrahimova
Set and Costume Design: Ana Kirilova
Art Lighting: Georgi Buyukliev, Svetoslav Robov
Assistant Director: Aneta Ashikova