Vidritsa - the best and even something more...

Vidritsa is an old Bulgarian word which means a leather tool – some kind of a bag – that could contain various stuff. The play represents a dance competition between five teams from every Balkan country – Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Rumania and Bulgaria. As it to be expected the folk dances of the five nationalities plus the other dances from different parts of the world are so varicolored that the obsolete word in the title is used properly.
After the end of the first part of competition, which includes the best traditional dances, the jury is in constant quarrels and there are no winners (maybe that way is better). So in the second part, which supposes free choice of a dance, the competition itself is terminated. The young representatives of Balkan countries are free to play the best miniatures of rock and roll, tango, jazz, ethno and contemporary dance and music. Between the new performances the audience could see some of the most acclaimed parts of Aramii and Refugees.

Director, Script-writer, Choreographer: Neshka Robeva
Music: Georgi Matev, Emil Nikolov, Lazar Benov, Stanislav Lazarov, Tsvetan Kolev, Bulgara, FSB, Yaldaz Ibrahimova, Astor Piazzolla, Vasile Pandelescu, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, Sanja Ilic, Gotan Project, Stefan Valdobrev, Goran Bregovich, 3+2 band
Assistant Director: Aneta Ashikova
Assistant Choreographers: Vladimir Bojilov, Chavdar Krumov, Petar Milev, Aneta Avakyan, Valentin Todorov, Silviya Mladenova, Iva Tepeshanova, Iva Spasova, Milyan Iliev, Vladimir Tsenov, Polina Stefanova, Vladimir Kostadinov, Adelina Bojichkova, Boryana Gineva, Iliana Dinekova, Yoana Dinekova, Mario Atanasov, Georgi Shterev, Nikoleta Hristova
Set and Costume Design: Ana Kirilova
Art Lighting: Georgi Buyukliev, Svetoslav Robov