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The National Art Dance Company was created 10 years ago. The debut of the first show called Twin Kingdoms was on the 12th of December, 2000, in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. In 2002 the show was an incredible success with the strict Belgium audience at the Europalia Festival, where it was noticed by French and Belgium producers. The second show Orisia (Doom) was cheered loudly at its premiere on the 22 of November, 2002, played again in the National Palace of Culture. The dancers performed four encores and Bojan Radev carried in his hands the author of the screenplay, choreographer and director Neshka Robeva.

Twin Kingdoms, Orisia and Are you ready are very popular in Bulgaria and abroad. The Dance Company has given more than 400 stage performances. The dance shows has entertained more then half million people. National Art has toured more than 20 countries on 3 continents. Twin Kingdom is the first Bulgarian dance show played on Broadway.

The National Art Dance Company has represented Bulgaria at Art Festival (Singapore), Europalia Festival (Belgium), Ohrid Summer Festival (Macedonia), the World EXPO 2005 (Japan). The Company was awarded with the Golden Night and a Golden Diploma for Choreography at the prestigious drama festival in Moscow.

The breathtaking dancers, designers and live musicians who work together in National Art has inspired audiences in Greece, Turkey, Izrael, Italy, Serbia and Germany.

Safe from the world popularity, the Company became known in the open space, too. The International Star Register named a star Twin Kingdoms.

‘… Mastery dancers … Knife in the back of all concepts for this type of performances, which existed until now…’ – Ana Kisegof , Chief of the Advertising of The New York Times, referring to the premier of Twin Kingdoms on Broadway

‘The President rises to his feet for the Bulgarian Orisia’ – the Trud Newspaper

‘TWIN KINGDOMS is an energetic, eye-popping fairy tale featuring artistic precision, the blended spectacle of rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and folk dance, loud music, black light and many phosphorescent costumes. Truly dance for a new generation.’ – Kessa De Santis, electroniclink.com

‘Not only Orpheus, Dionisius, Spartacus and Harry Potter, but also the dance show Are You Ready of Neshka Robeva could be used in the campaign popularizing Bulgaria as a travel destination.’ – Ivailo Gjurov, Director of National Agency of Tourism

‘Neshka has created a unique combination of traditional Bulgarian dances and tunes with popular styles. If it’s Riverdance it’s a Bulgarian version. It reminds me of the early days of the American musical, all high-energy patriotism and originality.’ - Rosie Goldsmith, BBC