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Midsummer Mystery is a joint project between National Art and MOKO Solution. The show was entirely created and inspired by Bulgarian folk traditions, but these traditions are injected with modern sound. The plot runs on the topics such as the struggle between good and evil, excessive urbanization, environmental degradation. The modern man lives in an oblivion – he should remember his roots.

Using mixture of Balkan folklore, hard rock, hip-hop and also 3D visual effects Midsummer Mystery tells the legend of one of the most mystical Bulgarian holidays – Midsummer. The show reveals a beautiful love story. Images of fairies and dragons are intertwined in the mystery of the huge glowing moon.

Folk songs are performed by Desi Dobreva and Valeria Momchilova–Mona, hard rock part – by Zvezdelin Keremidchiev (Ahat rock band), and rap music – by The Ghetto Guys. Voice of the show is the great Bulgarian actor Vasil Mihaylov.






Director, Script-writer, Choreographer: Neshka Robeva

Producer: Moko Solution

Music: Alex Nushev

Songs performed by: Zvezdelin Keremidchiev, Desi Dobreva, Valeria Momchilova-Mona, Valya Balkanska, The Ghetto Guys

Special effects, 3D: Robo

Assistant Director: Dimitar Stoyanov, Aneta Ashikova

Assistant Choreographers: Aneta Avakyan, Boryana Gineva, Dimitar Vasilev, Martin Doychev, Stilyan Randjev

Set and Costume Design: Ana Kirilova