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Neshka Robeva
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Script-writer, Director and Choreographer:
Neshka Robeva.
Music by: Georgi Andreev
Stage arranger and Consultant of the Script-writer: Konstantin Dzhidrov, Anna Kirilova( in the new version) 
Lights: Georgi Buyukliev
Consultants of the Choreographer: Ivailo Ivanov and Martin Mochkov
Producers: Neshka Robeva and Vladimir Shteryanov
Coaches: Aneta Ashikova

The Dragon
– Milyan Iliev
Yana – Boriana Gineva
Sirma – Aneta Avakyan
Momchil – Mario Anastasov

Other participants:
Dimitar Stankev
Petar Milev
Ioana Dinekova
Iliana Dinekova
Silvia Mladenova
Adelina Bojhichkova
Iva Spasova
Polina Stefanova
Katia Nikolova
Valentin Ivanov
Vladimir Tzenov
Mario Anastasov
George Shterev
Stefan Ratchev
Plamen Petkov
Vladimir Kostadinov

“Twin Kingdoms”
is a modern interpretation of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and the Balkans. The Authors of this musical play are inspired by the national rituals, songs, dancing and graceful culture accumulated in our lands during the ages. The script-writer, Director and Choreographer of the show is Neshka Robeva. She expertly integrates the expression of the folk dances in the traditions of the Bulgarian School of Rhythmic Gymnastics.
The Stage arrangements and the costumes are designed by Prof. Konstantin Dzhidrov.
The dance company is composed of professional dancers and Rhythmic Gymnastics competitors.
The Authors of this original dance performance create a strange world, full of centuries-old traditions, strong feelings and primitive passion.
The story, which they are telling us, is the well known Legend about the girl and the Dragon, while the non-ordinate final converts it into another tale – the one about the “Beauty and the Beast”