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The memories can’t be tamed, managed or arranged even on a simplest manner. No one can explain why and how they arise exactly. When we look for them, they disappear; when we avoid them, they hit us suddenly and brutally… As if they play with us.
That is why there are no accurate places in Memento café. The lucky ones, who managed to come in, take off their clothes – take off their cares and concerns and dive deep into the magic of reminiscences.
There are no age limits in Memento café. The young dancers of Neshka Robeva with an outstanding talent and temper carry you away with the dance together with the musicians of Joro Matev. You will feel your own intends to hum your favorite golden oldies.
The artists of “National Art” formation present "Renedevous at café Memento" in order to pay a homage to the greatest stars of Bulgarian popular music, such as Lea Ivanova, Emil Dimitrov, Lili Ivanova, Moris Aladjem, Mitko Shterev, Toncho Rusev, Boris Karadimchev, Georgi Minchev, Miltsa Bojinova and Iliya Angelov. The show includes performances of Bogdana Karadocheva, Balkanton band, Louis Prima, Melina Mercouri, Edith Piaf, Elvis Presley, Gypsy kings, Boney M and Bulgarian folk music from Berkovitsa.

The dance of Edith Piaf’s Non, je ne regrette rien performed by Galina Marinova is dedicated to the great Bulgarian poet Konstantin Pavlov and the “woman who granted a live to a Genius…”

Director, Script-writer, Choreographer: Neshka Robeva
Music: a compilation of hits since 1950s, performed by Joro Matev, Valya Aleksandrova, Stanislav lazarov, Aleks Nedyalkova, Martina Ivanova, Hristo Mladenov

Brake is performed by X-Energy Crew

Assistant Director: Aneta Ashikova
Assistant Choreographers: Aneta Avakyan, Valentin Ivanov, Vladimir Kostadinov, Iliana Dinekova, Silviya Mladenova, Boryana Gineva, Radoslav Todorov, Dimitar Randjev, Adelina Bojichkova, Daniela Toshkova, Dimitar Stankev, Katya Nikolova, Galina Marinova
Set and Costume Design: Hristina Dakova
Art Lighting: Georgi Buyukliev, Svetoslav Robov