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Neshka Robeva was born on 26.05.1946 in the town of Ruse.


She graduated from the choreographic school. She was a member of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. In 1969 she became the World Vice – Champion. For 25 years she was the head Coach of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. During this period the competitors, trained by her won 294 medals, 7 absolute World Awards, 10 European and two Vice-Olympic titles. Presently she is the President of the Club “Levski” - the most successful Club in the World for its 50-year history. The Club is a winner of 306 medals altogether.


For her exceptional achievements Neshka Robeva was awarded with almost all State awards, as well as with a Diploma for her contribution to the Word female Olympic Sports.


In 2000 Neska Robeva stopped her activity as a coach and returned to her first specialty, by forming of a dance group, including 35 boys and girls. Her aim was to introduce Bulgarian and Balkan folk dances in a modern interpretation. The shows “Twin Kingdoms” and “The Orisia” became extremely popular. The group had more than 250 participations inside the Country and abroad – Broadway, “Art Festival” in Singapore, Greece, Turkey, “Europalia” in Belgium, Israel, Italy, “The Ohrid summer” in Macedonia, “The Golden Vityaz” in Moscow.


“… Mastery dancers …”, “… Knife in the back of all concepts for this type of performances, which existed until now… ” – Ana Kisegof – Chief of the Advertising of “The New York Times”.


“… A clew of energy…”, “The President rises to his feet for the Bulgarian “Orisia” ” – the “Trud” newspaper. Those are only small parts of the comments on the shows, which are to most popular ones at present in Bulgaria.


During Autumn, 2004 Robeva plans to present a completely new show. “The proud sponsors” – that’s the way the people from “Toyota”, who will be financing the third show, called themselves.