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Neshka Robeva
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This show is an organic blend of the best elements of the previous three shows. Based on the legend about the parallel existence of a nether world, Triptych nonetheless is a separate work that exists in its own right. It is the story of two young men and a young woman – the eternal triangle. Jealousy and alcohol lead to a clash. The three come to their senses only when they find themselves in the nether world. They can escape from it and return to their own world only if they pool their efforts and overcome their pride, their hurt, and their resentment.

Written, choreographed and directed by Neshka Robeva
Assistant Choreographers: Martin Mochkov, Asen Atanasov, Stefan Rachev, Mariyan Kurdov, Rumen Atanasov, Petar Milev, Magdalena Yaneva, Tsvetelina Ermenkova, Boiko Dzbelebov