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The Crew:
Director script-writer: Neshka Robeva
Choreographer: Neshka Robeva
Assistant choreographers: Martin Mochkov, Marian Kurdov, Asen Atanasov, Dimitar Stoyanov, Georgi Pavlov
Stage director and costumes: Elena Ivanova
Lighting effects: Georgi Buiukliev, Momchil Katerov
Consultants: Kamelia Dunavska, Aneta Ashikova
Music producer: Dimitar Paskalev - David
Soundtrack producer: AveNew Productions
Videoproduction director: Galina Kraleva
Videoeditor: Maria Hadjieva
Producers: Neshka Robeva, Vladimir Shterianov
Svetlin Roussev's paintings are used in this show

The Show:
The show depicts the story of a girl, scared and confused by the disastrous times that have overtaken her people.
When her coevals leave their homeland in pursuit of happiness and better life, Destiny chooses her as the one to stay. In order to give her knowledge and strength, Destiny's Messengers take her to a trip back throughout the history of her people. They plunge the girl into the sea of chance and misfortune. They lead her through the ups and downs of her ancestors, from the very moment they had set their foot on the land they chose to become home of their children and grandchildren…The Messengers are by her side as she passes through the sorrow and dread of the Middle Ages, the purifying fire of the National Revival, the intoxication and joy of Freedom regained.
Finally, having learned the lessons of personal karma, she welcomes back these who have decided to return and they all follow their chosen Road together.
This is the story of a Bulgarian girl, but it could be seen as the story of everyone or every nation, predestined to walk their way in life to its final point.
" ORISIA" is based on the music and dance tradition of the Balkans, transposed in a more accessible and modern sound.

Anea Avak Avakian

Evgeni Stanev
Dimitar Stankev
Petar Milev
Rumen Arsov
Volodimir Kornyeyev

Nikoleta Hristova
Teodora Kehaiova
Ioana Dinekova
Iliana Dinekova
Miglena Nedelcheva
Silvia Mladenova
Adelina Bojhichkova
Iva Spasova
Antonia Georgieva
Dimitrinka Ruseva
Polina Stefanova
Katia Nikolova
Valentin Ivanov
Vladimir Tzenov
Liudmil Makaronski
Mario Anastasov
George Shterev
Stefan Ratchev
Plamen Petkov
Vladimir Kostadinov
Milian Iliev
Tzvetomir Arnaudov
Tzviatko Tzvetkov